Robo Royale

Some passionate & innovative minds came together to form Robo Royale. The journey of innovation and discovery was full of fun. The team had a training of 3 months at Leapcoderz. The team worked hard to cover all aspects of core values- Discovery, Innovation, Teamwork & Fun. Team work is the secret behind our successful project. The team not only discovered a robust project but also created some fun-filled memories.

Team Robo Royale

Together, we discovered a real life problem with wind turbines. Wind energy is a clean and renewable energy source. Existing wind turbines currently help generate 5-8 megawatts electricity per day but can be made more efficient to increase the potential output from megawatts to gigawatts. For example, in a Conventional wind turbines (CWT), 60% of the energy is collected at the end of the blades. The blades are costly and need to be very high and very long. This requires high maintenance and a strong base. Bladeless wind turbines (BWT) can be installed anywhere but are not tall enough and cannot collect as much energy. Airborne turbines (AWT) are lighter and can go high enough but require a strong tether.

Meet the team

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Ahana Joshi

Ahana Desai



Our Project

A bladeless airborne wind turbine (BAWT) will be more efficient in collecting energy. It is a cost effective solution that can be installed anywhere. The Airborne kite turbines attached to the bladeless turbine are light and can be high enough to collect more energy.

Our Project- BAWT (Bladeless Airborne Wind Turbine)