Our Story

LeapCoderz was established as a sister concern of learningroof.com ; to bridge the current educational gaps in the stream of Software Programming and Coding for learners aged 6-18 years. Being futuristic we understand that the world will soon enter a phase where every industry, and human role will require the “programming” skill, functionally and technically. However “Programming” isn’t a part of the main school curriculum, therefore we strive to make learning interventions pertaining to “Programming and Coding” available to learners. “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” quoted by Albert Einstein, has been our guiding light. We believe that young learners have the deepest of creative abilities, and can be guided towards becoming “Innovators” and “Problem Solvers” With this in mind, our courses focus on the most recent and widely used software languages, and Facilitation techniques concentrate on building the learner’s “Logical Reasoning, Understanding Structures and Problems and Creatively Solving them.” We ensure that they are engaged in real time hands-on learning implementations, that enable their competence in Game Design, Web applications and Robotics.

Our Mission

To make “Programming” a mainstream subject, by designing robust courses & relevant educational interventions, making them easily accessible to learners, thereby ensuring they ace their competitive exams

Our Vision

To enable a generation that is ready to meet the demands of Industries across by equipping learners with one or more programming languages

Our Key Features

  • Flexible curriculum to cater each child’s need
  • Small group classes
  • 1:6 Teacher-student ratio
  • Perfect infrastructure
  • Level accomplishment after each goal set
  • Support and encouragement
  • Learn Innovation, teamwork, fun
  • Utilize critical thinking
  • Integrity, ethical leadership and effective management
  • Use technology to enhance productivity
  • Our emphasis on Self-Directed Learner
  • Cooperative learning and teamwork