We are a 2 time FLL team. Last year we were a 6 person team, but this year we have 1 new team member. We love coding, building, and presentation work. Having spent more than 3 months for training at Leapcoderz, the team created some beautiful memories.

Team Technoverse

Hello we are Technoverse, our name originated from the word Techno which is the short form of Technology. We thought this represented our team because we are a coding team. We added the Verse in Technoverse because we thought of the Universe of Technology.

Meet the team

Get to know the people behind Intact. Our creative and technical team.

Jack Pellegrini

Myra Chopra

Ahmed Rizvi

Harshini Babu

Aarav Ahcharya

Arjun Bhatt

Yatharth Gupta

Ekansh Khindria



Our Project

Your life will change once our idea is implemented because it produces hydrogen into energy without polluting any greenhouse gasses, or co2 emissions. This idea can help the world in tremendous ways. Imagine a life where most things are powered by hydrogen instead of fossil fuels, and the process of converting hydrogen into energy doesn't pollute anything into our world. Plus, if you invest in this idea you will save money overtime compared if you went with fossil fuels to power your house.

Our Project 2023 -

Our Project 2022

Our Project 2022 - Green Hydrogen