The Princeton Pythons

Some passionate & innovative minds came together to form The Princeton Pythons. The journey of innovation and discovery was full of fun. The team had a training of 2 months at Leapcoderz. The team worked hard to cover all aspects of core values- Discovery, Innovation, Teamwork & Fun. Team work is the secret behind our successful project. The team not only discovered a robust project but also created some fun-filled memories.

Team The Princeton Pythons

Together, we discovered a real life cargo problem with truck transportation. We did research about the problems and solutions of the transportation industry together as a group.We started by researching for a unique problem together with trucks. We found that a lot of accidents happen so we decided to work to solve this problem. With our imagination and working together and helping each other we got this unique problem and came up with the unique solution of Python Shipping Project.

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Our Project

The problem of delays in shipping and package theft is growing larger and larger every day. Shipping companies cause many delays in package delivery: Additionally, packages left on doorsteps are easy to steal and are not secure. We want to solve these problems! Our solution consists of autonomous smart delivery trucks and a secure locker system in each neighborhood. Autonomous trucks are fully automated cars and trucks that drive us, instead of us driving them. “The biggest impact autonomous trucks will have is cost savings and efficiency,`` says Patrick Penfield, a professor of supply chain practice at Syracuse University in the US.

Our Project- Autonomous trucks.