Some passionate & innovative minds came together to form Titantech. The journey of innovation and discovery was full of fun. The team had a training of 3 months at Leapcoderz. The team worked hard to cover all aspects of core values- Discovery, Innovation, Teamwork & Fun. Team work is the secret behind our successful project. The team not only discovered a robust project but also created some fun-filled memories.

Team Titantech

Together, we discovered a real life cargo problem with transportaion fuel methanol. We did research about the problems and solutions of the methanol together as a group. We started by researching for the main problem together with methanol. We found that methanol is not being used as a fuel source. There is low energy density and there is also a lack of knowledge of how and what methanol is so we decided to work to solve this problem. With our imagination and working together and helping each other we got this unique problem and came up with the unique solution of Enzyme inhibitors project.

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Get to know the people behind Intact. Our creative and technical team.

Aarav Dhawan

Saahil Niyas

Aarav Gupta

Akshaj Madireddy

Aadi Allen



Our Project

The problem associated with methanol is its less usage. Our goal in TitanTech, is to reduce the jet fuel CO2 emissions by at least 60% or 36 kilograms per mile. Here is our plan: Enzyme inhibitors. Enzyme inhibitors slow the chemical reaction of a molecule. This burns the methanol a lot slower. Enzyme inhibitors blocks the action of an enzyme With the more intense force of liquid methanol, the speed of the tire movement will increase. At the same time, the fuel will last much longer than a normal gasoline car. CO2 emissions will lower drastically because the society isn’t using gasoline powered cars. You won’t need to change the oil in your engine because methanol will kill all the gunk.

Our Project- 2023

Project 2022

Our Project 2022 - Methanol