Team Technoverse has some of the most creative, innovative and full of fun team members. Having spent more than 2 months for training at Leapcoderz, the team created some beautiful memories. The Technoverse never failed to impress the mentors with their hard work, innovative ideas and fun-filled moments. We learnt how the elements of Core Values like teamwork and fun made us more progressive and innovative.

Team TechnoVerse

Hello we are Techno Verse, our name originated from the word Techno which is the short form of Technology. We thought this represented our team because we are a coding team. We added the Verse in Techno Verse because we thought of the Universe of Technology.

Meet the team

Get to know the people behind Intact. Our creative and technical team.









Our Project

The project solution is based on the Last Mile Transportation Problem.The Last mile is the transportation of a product of the final deliver destination.We chose this Problem because it directly related to the Cargo Connect theme and it was a huge problem in Transportation Delivery. Our solution to the Last Mile predicament is Pods. Pods are our solution to the Last Mile delivery issue. Pods solve the 4 main Last Mile Problems.

Our Project- PODS

Our solution to the Last Mile predicament is Pods.