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Some passionate & innovative minds came together to form Golden Phoenix. The journey of innovation and discovery was full of fun. The team had a training of 3 months at Leapcoderz. The team worked hard to cover all aspects of core values- Discovery, Innovation, Teamwork & Fun. Team work is the secret behind our successful project. The team not only discovered a robust project but also created some fun-filled memories.

Team Golden Phoenix

We all are aware with the problem of fossil fuel and the shortage of alternative fuel availability for the new developing technology of hydrogen powered cars. We did research about the problems and solutions of fuel industry together as a group. We started by researching for the major problem together with hydrogen fuel. We found that there is a great need for availibity of hydrogen fuel so we decided to work to solve this problem. With our imagination and working together and helping each other we got this unique problem and came up with the unique solution of Hydrobox

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Get to know the people behind Intact. Our creative and technical team.

Marvin Zhu

Myra Chandani

Deekshita Lalam


Our Project

Hydrogen is safer than fossil fuels. A pro of Hydrogen cars is it is efficient and clean. It is nearly 2 ½ times more efficient than gasoline!
Hydrogen cars are not used today, but by 2050 we will have a bigger demand for hydrogen cars.
We want to solve these problems! Hydrobox reuses the cells. Each car will have their own code. Hydrobox is outside of retail stores. When people see it, they will want to get Hydrogen from it. All you have to do is park your car in front of the hydrobox, type your code and phone number, and then the tank will slip in your car

Our Project- Hydrobox

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