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Top 5 apps for coding to give a great start to kids

top 5 apps

Apps for coding – the top 5 list


Do you wonder which apps for coding you must introduce your kid to? Read further to give your kid a great start to the world of coding.


Why suddenly everybody is talking about coding? Why coding has become the new cool kids thing? Probably because one cannot think of a decent profession which does not demand to learn coding in near future!

And sooner they start learning, the easier it would be for them as young minds are more malleable.

Having realized the potential of coding, many parents endeavor to guide their children towards it but quite often they fail to rub off their excitement to these young minds.

Altering one’s conventional approach can really make a difference.  Instead of only treading the path of classroom and boot camps, we can introduce them to cool works of apps. These apps can tickle their impressionable minds and soon they may start finding their ways to an amazing universe of coding.



The top 5 fun apps for coding




Undoubtedly, Scratch is one of the most popular apps to learn coding. It has gained popularity due to reasons like its availability on both platforms, iOS and Android; and its availability in two variants- Scratch and Scratch Jr. While Scratch is recommended for age group 8-16, Scratch Jr covers age group 5-7.

The most interesting part of Scratch Jr is that it lets kids express their creativity by developing their own stories and games by simply dragging and dropping commands. More than learning the terms, it focuses on explaining the concepts of programming.

Whereas Scratch introduces loops/ if-then statements, variables, etc. interestingly, one need not be a programming expert to start Scratch. It has open discussion forums to help deepen the child’s understanding.

Cost: Free!



You may wonder! Why this app does not make it to the top of our list. The reason is because of its unavailability on Android. It is available only on iPhone and iPad. However, this app teaches basics of coding which would help kids to learn high level languages like Python, HTML JavaScript, Java, CSS and others.

This app, without a doubt, offers interactive game play, which also lets the children control storyline enhancing their creativity. Likewise, It also teaches kids drag and drop commands, loop statements, branching, if/then statements and other basics through step by step instructions.

We, certainly recommend this app as it lets kids create their whole curriculum, makes sharing with kids easy and lets one manage their classes.

Cost: $6.99 per month

Age Group: 5 and above



Tynker is comparatively  new but has clearly gained popularity. Unlike Kodable, It is available on both, Android and iOS. Though it can be compared to Scratch but its approach is different. It focuses more on teaching programming rather than direct application.

Furthermore, this app offers class materials, story based challenges, games and puzzels, learning module and other basics for learning high level languages like Python and Javascript.

It has another popular feature- its library, where user-made projects are saved and are accessible to other users. Although Tynker typically covers standard 1-8 programming yet high school students can also use it for an introduction to Python.

Cost: Free!

Age: Standard 1st-8th



Daisy the dinosaur


This is another app exclusively for iPhone and iPad users. Its interface is very user-friendly with limited features that indeed help beginners to avoid confusion. It makes learning coding simple and hassle free for kids.

This app lets the child jump move and dance Daisy with dragging and dropping basic commands like loops, sequencing, solving and conditionals. On the whole, it gives a comprehensive understanding of basic functions without the hassle of learning the terms.

Cost: Free!

Age Group: 4-7



Cargo Bot

This app was developed by Codea and initially was available only on iPad. Great news is- now it can be used on Android and iOS as well. The app specializes in giving challenges for which the user has to code a robotic arm first.

To conclude, Cargo-bot is more recommended for children who want to learn Lua, as Lua is a high level language and not suitable for kids. Thus, this app makes children learn the pre-requirements of Lua.

Cost: Free

Age: 10 and above


Leapcoderz makes your child love coding

The children start coming to terms with coding, when introduced to these apps. Although learning high level programming languages can be a task, but starting early with such apps gives a great start. Not only they give basic understanding of programming languages but also they help developing their interests by providing easy interactive user interface and vibrant graphics.

While having fun on these apps, your child develops interest in coding. You must then enroll your child to Leapcoderz.


At Leapcoderz, we not only make your child learn coding, but also make your child love coding.