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First Lego league (FLL)

first lego league


FIRST LEGO LEAGUE (FLL) is an exciting  program of exploration for children. We are all delighted and extremely excited at the launch for FLL- CARGO CONNECT. The theme, ‘CARGO CONNECT’ showcases how transportation has made all of us globally connected.

It’s certainly going to be an amazing experience  as it would everyone a chance to celebrate hard work, make new friends and have fun. In fact, you will be exposed to ideas and ideology that will build the foundation for life-long confidence in STEM learning.

What participants gain from such event?

To start, First Lego League is an introduction to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to children ages 4-16 through hands-on learning that’s both fun and exciting. So the question is, what participants gain from such event? They gain real-world problem-solving experiences and guidance through global robotics program. Thus it helps kids and teachers build a better future together.

In short, FLL gears up kids to experiment and grow their critical thinking, coding skills and designing through some hands-on STEM learning and robotics. Undoubtedly, the program motivates the young  generation about science and technology – and teach them valuable employment and life skills.

What are the 3 parts of FLL?

  1. Robot Game: In the first part of FLL, participants have to Program a Lego Mindstorms robot and complete the set missions on a board using block-based programming.
  2. Project: The second part is all about researching a real world problem related to the theme of the FLL season and creating a solution.
  3. Core Values: The third part is- Everything Team work. The league expects every team to show a good team dynamic, that’s respect towards other teams, teamwork and cooperative competition.

Can’t wait to get started!

Are you feeling excited too and can’t wait to get started? Kindly walk in to our center or give us a call. Our staff members will be happy to assist you in the process. Looking forward to having you on board.

Make sure you don’t miss to unpack the awesomeness!