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Coding # A ticket to highest paying jobs of future.

Coding is skill for future jobs

The dawn of digital(coding) era is here.

Many traditional jobs, that we train our kids for- sadly, may not even exist in the future. Of course, it is not an overstatement. Artificial intelligence is likely to outdo humans by 2030.  As a result, we may witness- a Massive job displacement. Millions of jobs will become automated and coding based, hence, replacing the traditional careers.

Yes! The robots are going to steal many jobs. In return, they will also open door to new ones.

You will be surprised to know that the futurist Cathy Davidson quoted,” 65% of elementary school students will end up in jobs that don’t exist yet.”

Having reached the digital age, the recent researchers have put coding at the forefront of future careers.  No wonder! Every technocrat, educationist and policy makers are insisting on one must have skill; coding.

So what must we do as parents?

One must have skill that ranks top on Google search is none other than coding. It is therefore, the most hyped and talked about skill presently.

We, as parents must understand the present set up. The world now moves faster than we think. So we must encourage our children to learn new skills, so that they can take advantage of the exciting opportunities that the future holds.

“In fact, 90% of parents in US want their kids to be trained on coding or programming “, as stated by Gallup poll. It’s high time, education system took a giant leap. Many countries have included it as a part of school curriculum. Wish! The world as a whole understood the gravity and importance of introducing programming at school level.


Coding for Kids
Coding is no.1 skill for future

Benefits of coding in children

The children who are exposed to technical skills show enhancement in their demeanor and personality. Mentioned below are some benefits of coding at early age.

  • Kids learn computational thinking.
  • Kids learn problem solving.
  • Kids learn to use logic.
  • Kids learn to think how things work, and create things that work.
  • Kids learn to anticipate and avoid problems.
  • Kids learn algorithmic thinking.
  • Kids learn perseverance.



How to learn coding?

Presently, there are various ways a child can learn coding, but the best option is to join a tutoring center. At Leapcoderz, we gamify  the process of learning and thus make it fun for your kid. we try to make the learning experience of each child unique.

Most importantly, we must not only make our child learn coding. In fact, we must make them love coding.








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