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Teach your child coding to decode the future


A shout out to the super parents of this generation who are parenting not just kids but balls of fire. The kids today are vivacious and inquisitive. Super parent here is certainly not a hyperbole as we have seen it all- a childhood with hardly any technology and parenting when everything is technology. We have witnessed technology taking over humans in all areas of life- ATMs, self-scanning checkouts, self driving cars and pretty much everything around.

Isn’t it thought-provoking to note that 70% of the jobs by end of this decade will be made up by AI and robotics?


Having reached the digital age, the recent researchers have put coding at the forefront of future careers.  No wonder! Every technocrat, educationist and policy makers are insisting on one must have skill; coding. Let us make our kids the super heroes of tomorrow by teaching them coding. Coding on its myriad form will be ubiquitous. It’s the new fundamental, mathematical and linguistic skill.

A decade from now coding should be the new marker and differentiator between people who know and those who don’t.

We can’t limit the learning of our children to what we know and believe. We have to go beyond our apprehensions and ignorance.  We have to help our kids architect their future by preparing for the jobs that haven’t been created so far, for an industry that is yet to take a shape and for the functions that can’t be described with our existing knowledge. Coding may help them decode their future prospects.

If learning French or German as an additional language has become a must-have skill in the present set up, so has to be coding. In this new digital age, people who code are believed to be more skillful, patient, intellectual, and creative, better decision- makers and go-getters who don’t give up.

Let Leapcoderz fill in the blanks of your child’s curriculum-vitae. If your child learns coding today, he’s believed to be a better professional tomorrow.