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It’s easy now to choose the best coding language for kids to learn in 2020. Let Leapcoderz unfold the guide.

Coding language
It is an indisputable fact that technology has become an essential part of our lives. If we analyse, from morning to evening, we interact with coding in different capacities. Therefore jobs in technology are gradually reshaping and redefining other jobs.

Presently, there is hardly any sector that works exclusively in manual form. As technology keeps spreading its wings, Coding keeps adding more feathers to it.

Undoubtedly, Learning coding at an early age can help in many ways

Most importantly, in near future all the jobs would be directly or indirectly related to coding. Secondly, research has shown that coding helps children in developing mental faculties. kids who learn to code early, eventually develop better problem solving skills and better analytical reasoning skills.

There are many coding languages. In fact, every year some new languages come and some become obsolete. So it becomes strenuous to decide which language we should invest our time in.

Are you confused, which coding language to choose?
Here are the top 5 coding languages to learn in 2020: 


1. Python

Python is not only the most widely used, and most suitable, but also easy to learn. Some of the most popular apps today like YouTube, Instagram, SurveyMonkey, Mozilla, Spotify use python. The top programmers highly recommend it for the beginners and kids as well, as its syntax is more like English-easy to learn. Python is very versatile as it provides its users with a variety of applications and almost anything can be designed using Python. Apparently, its effortlessness to learn makes it top the list to introduce coding to kids.

2. Scratch

Of course, Scratch is a great way to introduce kids to coding because of its colorful and creative visuals. Also, to work on scratch, the child need not type perfect codes, rather they can drag and drop the codes from animated characters, making it a colorful and beautiful canvas.
Although Scratch is recommended for kids, it is not that helpful for teenagers, as this language is not a professional tool.

3. Java

Yet another simple and easy to use language with wide usage in android and other applications- Java. It provides great learning opportunity to many children and prepares them for advanced level languages. Also, Java is the widely used programming language especially for mobile phones.

4. Ruby

Ruby’s syntaxes are the most readable ones and it is as friendly as Python. It is easy to learn and easy to teach as most of its coding is self-explanatory. Ruby is built on POLA philosophy i.e. Principle Of Least Astonishment. This coding language is in its purest and most elegant form. The drawback of this language is that programmers don’t use it widely for web based applications. It has a limited usage.

5. Blocky

Google developed Blocky with an inspiration from Scratch. Blocky is very child friendly as it makes learning coding a game like experience, where kids pull blocks and java script codes appear and the child has to put blocks in a puzzle solving form. Blocky not only supports web page, back but  can also be used to build iOS and android apps.


Which is the simplest coding language to learn?

Well, the answer to this question is not as simple as it appears. The choice of coding language entirely depends on the learners’ capacity and interest. To elaborate-For kids, the learning process becomes interesting and easy if the coding language offers color and visuals. Here, Scratch has got good stuff to offer to kids. Though Scratch has java script background, it is the widely used platform to help your kid code. In fact, it can make your kid fall in love with coding.

Now, if we talk about an adult, to be honest, the most preferred language is Python, for the fact that it is easy to learn. As stated by recent published ranking, people debate between Python and Ruby to be the most loved and recommended coding languages.

How to learn coding?

Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin, beginning makes the condition perfect.

“coding for kids” is indeed the most trending topic across the globe. If you are a parent, you  must understand the present set up and the new learning skills your child needs to learn to grab the best opportunities that the future holds, in fact, the opportunities that may not even exist today.

To conclude, coding is the new global language now. So, what is the next big question?

How to learn coding? Well, to simplify, kids need  mentors if willing to take up coding. In fact, joining a good platform today, may yield them lucrative returns tomorrow. Be assured, you will never regret enrolling your kid to a coding class today.

We, at Leapcoderz, make every child’s learning experience unique. We tailor the learning programs for each student individually. Our  program grows with the growth of the coder.

Join Leapcoderz today to be a pro at coding.


Coding is today’s language of creativity. All our children deserve a chance to become creators instead consumers of computer science.

— Maria Klawe


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