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This fall- Back to school with coding in mind

Coding kids back to school

Guidelines for parents- to keep up your kid’s interest in coding even after they go back to school

Thanks to the competitive scenario. Having abilities just to carry out your responsibility are insufficient. In the period of innovation, regardless of what calling one chooses to take up. Coding has for sure become the foundation of each calling. In short, coding will let you rule the roost. Almost certainly, significance of coding would increment suddenly with time. So it’s a smart thought to keep the children engaged with coding as they are set to go back to school.


let them go back to school with coding in mind

To thrive in tomorrow’s world, children must learn to design, create and express using digital technologies.”


Although, every parenting article would instruct you to diminish the kid’s screen time. Yet coding merits expanding the screen time. Coding is the new literacy that everyone needs to know. Furthermore, beginning to take in coding from an early age has also other proven benefits. For example, according to an ongoing report, coding enables kids to improve their intellectual capacities. It makes kids a superior issue solver, can examine a circumstance better and builds certainty.



5 Pro tips to keep up the excitement of kids in coding even after they go back to school


Let us change our children from shopper of the innovation to a maker of innovation. Let the coding expertise spell its enchantment in your child’s life.

However, parents who enroll their kids for coding classes, often complain of lack of child’s interest in coding. Read further to know how you can engage your kids in coding.


  1. Encouraging the creative side of the child


We actually educate our children to be good workers, but we forget they can be creative thinkers as well. Schools educate children out of their creativity. So, we as parents must keep our children involved in creative learning. It’s not a bad idea to let them keep picking up coding even after they are back to class.

It is thus important to let the child be creative. When they create something on their own, their interest would increase manifolds. Many open source software like Python and R give the opportunity to explore and create on your own. Such software can be a great tool for a creative child who likes to explore.

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Experts’ desk

Creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson, champions a radical rethink of the education system in schools. He insists parents on cultivating creativity and acknowledge multiple types of intelligence. In a very popular speech he said-“the extraordinary capacities children have- the capacity for innovation, are gradually decreased and limited. In fact, squandered pretty ruthlessly in a typical hierarchical education system. Creativity is as important as literacy. If we do not prepare our kids to be wrong, they cannot come up with something original. As kids turn into adults, they are frightened of being wrong. Eventually they lose their capacity of creativity.”



  1. Let Coding toys and Games be a piece of kids’ play even after they are back to school.


To make coding appealing to young minds, numerous organizations have concocted coding based table games, toys, tool kits. Without a doubt, these internet programming devices intrigues the kids. They place in acclaimed film characters from Frozen, Star Wars and Moana. Games like Robot Turtle, teaches the children the rudiments of programming even without them realizing!

Discussing toys like Goldieblox has helped breaking the stereotypes of “pink for girls.” They have disrupted “the pink aisle.” It has helped increasing creativity by selling toys for building machines using basic engineering principles. These games and toys are available for kids as young as 3 year old. Let these toys be apart of kids’ play even when they are back to school. As creative learning shall not stop.


  1. Breaking the Stereotypes!


Often, coding is assumed to be the most fixed, non-experimental type of work.  And coders to be the nerds who could mug-up all the codes and work day and night in a dark room. To build up a child’s enthusiasm in coding, we need to break this stereotype. Like, reveal to them that coding isn’t only a monotonous dull assignment. Oppositely, it is likewise about testing, making and investigating. In this way, attempt to make coding intriguing for them. For example, you may participate with them in the play. Keep them refreshed about the influential icons who made it big through coding. 



  1. Giving company


Almost certainly, to do alone can once in a while get dull and cause one to lose interest. Going with your children at first to get the hang of coding, can do something amazing. It may not just form their advantage. In fact, even you may become familiar with two or three new things too!


  1. Linking your child’s passion with coding


To close, coding isn’t just restricted to machines and PCs. It is ubiquitous and inevitable. From storytelling to animation to designing apps to making machines work, everything requires coding. For example, first discover what your youngster is keen on. Afterward connect it to coding. This would help manifolds to build up his advantage.


Why Leapcoderz ?


As parent, one knows the developing significance to coding. We are also aware of the measure of impact it is prone to have on our employments and lives in future. Subsequently, we should begin urging youngsters to take in coding since the beginning. It would assist them with having a high ground in their vocation. We never know, coding may turn into a novel fundamental ability by late 2020s!

Leapcoderz makes your kid’s excursion of learning energizing and propelling. Our team of expert instructors put their energy and abilities and assist kids with meeting their actual potential. We urge youngsters to keep up with  coding even after they are back to class. We modify our learning plans based on our student’s learning pace.


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