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How Leapcoderz codified COVID-19?


How Leapcoderz codified COVID-19?

When COVID started stretching its wings, the conventional methods of teaching started losing their efficacy. Just like everyone else, we at Leapcoderz were equally clueless and gripping in dark.
We had many brainstorming sessions before we could finally stage-manage the situation. Consequently, just like eagles we also decided to fly over and beyond the clouds of crisis.
We suddenly realized that this unheard crisis can be a blessing in disguise and we started looking for all silver linings on those dark clouds. Undoubtedly, being challenged by the global pandemic was inevitable, being defeated was optional. Our team chose not to give up.

This Pandemic made us realize that Leapcoderz’ team comprises of super heroes (although they don’t wear cape)- Parents, teachers and our dearest students. We continued to teach with greater degree of passion and made sure learning never stopped, even during difficult times. Having battled this crisis, we discovered and fathomed out-” We were braver than we believed, stronger than we seemed and smarter than we thought.” Read further to know how we did it.

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do.”

How Leapcoderz did it?

Foremost, we became the support system for parents.

For sure, parental life turned into hopscotch when United States announced Lock down amid COVID-19. Hence, parents were in a chaotic state of bewilderment and unrest. We reckoned that parents were little apprehensive, uncertain and quite rightly afraid of many things. We counseled, assured and guided them. And then, after all the worriment, they understood that technology could provide safe and effective solutions to all the learning needs of their children.

We curated some informative videos that spelled magic and soothed their raging nerves. Work sheets, personalized attention, one-on-one meetings between teachers and parents became our USP. Words would fall short if we try to compose a thank you note for our dedicated teachers and workforce. They left no stone unturned to design and execute the best virtual learning program. Indeed, our hard work payed when we got to see the smiling faces of our kids. This is what we work for. Now, parents and students both seem to have become fan of our online rock stars. In fact, our students made the best use of the interim school break. It was a great stroke of genius for our students to come up with some of the most amazing projects.

Focused attention

Leapcoderz was prompt to prepare for virtual classes to make sure learning isn’t disrupted and our students should not miss out. Our team was a pro at frequently checking e-mails, messaging boards, chat or text messages. We responded to students and provided feedback in a thorough, complete and timely manner. Undoubtedly, this took much more time than in a traditional classroom where one student’s question may have answered the questions of two or even three others. However, it gave us the opportunity to work one on one with students that may need additional aid in the course

We identified all the chinks in armors for our students and started addressing them one after another. Now, Roger jokingly says that his fear of Python seems to be a matter of his last birth.

Kept the students motivated and engaged

We engaged our students by injecting an element of competition into the classroom with competitive game-based learning. We made sure, our students never felt disconnected in the class. Open discussion forums, funny games and activities were part of our regular curriculum.

Our scientific approach

Our educators feel the needs of different learners. We follow the evolution approach in our lessons.We always begin with fundamentals and try to cover all the nuances in detailed manner. It is followed by controlled and freer practice.
The highlight of our sessions is our differentiated practice module that allows learner to move with their pace. A quick learner feels challenged, on the other hand, someone who needs more time doesn’t get stressed. Our educators don’t judge students. They support and find numerous ways to enhance our students’ prowess. Regardless of a student’s performance and potential, we always create ways, encourage and inspire.

We feel the trepidation and anxiety of our students and we always try to be the beacon of hope for our champs.


Team Leapcoderz


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